We also Try to

¨       Study community necessities.

¨       Increase media advertising.

¨       Participate in community activities.

¨       Support Palestinian entrepreneurs to have strong market potential, through advocating the technology concept of E-Commerce.

¨       Provide professional consultation to local institutions conducting researches in social and economic areas.

¨       Provide community training courses for business groups, or individuals in the field of IT and E-Commerce.

¨       Offer innovative solutions and functionalities.

¨       Enhance quality of service and consultation.

¨       Build a network of corporate from national NGO’s to work together, and to share expertise among others in order to provide necessary services to the Palestinian community.

¨       Train our staff with new tools methods in research and development.

¨       Develop new projects in social and business sectors.

¨       Increase number or donors, and supporters.

¨       Maintain the current donors.

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