We also Try to

¨       Study community necessities.

¨       Increase media advertising.

¨       Participate in community activities.

¨       Support Palestinian entrepreneurs to have strong market potential, through advocating the technology concept of E-Commerce.

¨       Provide professional consultation to local institutions conducting researches in social and economic areas.

¨       Provide community training courses for business groups, or individuals in the field of IT and E-Commerce.

¨       Offer innovative solutions and functionalities.

¨       Enhance quality of service and consultation.

¨       Build a network of corporate from national NGO’s to work together, and to share expertise among others in order to provide necessary services to the Palestinian community.

¨       Train our staff with new tools methods in research and development.

¨       Develop new projects in social and business sectors.

¨       Increase number or donors, and supporters.

¨       Maintain the current donors.

Our Main Goal

Working for Better Jerusalem………..



JCRD Overview

The Jerusalem Consortium for Research and Development (JCRD) is an independent Palestinian non governmental organization (NGO) established in East Jerusalem in the year 2004, and registered under the number (580431567).

The JCRD is led and directed by a consulting team specialized in Business Management, and Community Research Development. The team members have worked independently for the past 5 years, and they have used their gained experience to participate in developing projects in the Palestinian society. The team has worked hard for more than one year, in order to establish the JCRD to be based in Jerusalem, and to register it legally in all related institutions.

Now JCRD in recognized by both Palestinian and Israeli authorities as a private Non Governmental Organization (NGO). It has reserved the following internet domain name: JCRD.ORG. And can be contacted by email at info@jcrd.net

The development tools used by JCRD consulting team are based on modern statistical analysis, and surveys that applied to study the social and economics sections of the Palestinian community.


Mission Statement

The strategic core of JCRD is to support researches necessary to identify and solve the urgent problems and necessities of our Palestinian people, in areas of social development, humanitarian services, and business supporting.

These core elements will form the backbone of JCRD operations and its support to the social and commercial sectors in Palestine, as well as address many of the unique challenges facing its development, growth, and expansion. As these elements mature, JCRD looks forward to working with Palestinian companies to identify, develop, and implement new initiatives that will be of significant benefit to the community.

Jerusalem Consortium for research & develpment